While you might wander into the MUSES Corfu Inspirational Concept Store for its always-impressive collection of unique designer clothing pieces, the home section is truly legendary. 

Crafted and selected with love, MUSES Corfu have taken great care to ensure every single item in their range embodies comfort, style and luxury. Dive right into the superb selection of designer objects, or spend your time perusing our specially selected luxury home décor brands. You won’t be disappointed by the range of contemporary home accessories and with the right choice, neither will your guests.

Alexander Crown Cap

Enjoy your very first morning coffee with the hand painted Alexander Crown espresso cup! Unique and different on its own form, this espresso cup has no identical in the collection!

Ceramic Coasters

Add playfulness to your everyday life with these ceramic coasters in the shape of a biscuit!

Table Lamp Sun

Simple things like the Sun table lamp can give your space a design-y upgrade. Inspired by ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, this ceramic lamp can transform your room without compromising on style.

Missing Caryatid & Alexander on Meander

Finding the right luxury accessories for the beach isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many options.  If you can’t decide, focusing on unique pieces is a simple way to make the right choice!